What makes  Your PARTY Mix different? You not only get all the great music you'd expect, we also provide a truly fun form of entertainment.

This basic form of entertainment has evolved over time:  Beginning as a Record Hop or Sock Hop, DJ Show, Disco show, etc.  At the start, all it took was an effective sound system with a music source, such as 45's, albums, or CDs. Today it's more hi-tech with fully digital, computerized sources. 

Take all the above, and add in a superior personality; Paul Mayer heads up the show with his witty ways of working with the audience. Paul spent many years in public speaking, as an emcee. Mostly as a major market, radio DJ, including Baltimore, on classic radio stations, B104 and MIX 106.5. Much of that time in radio, as a morning show host on Top 40 stations all around the U.S.​​ ​including Houston, Memphis, Jacksonville, Phoenix, and El Paso. It was during those times he gained experience working with many live audiences, in similar settings as with

Your Party Mix

Paul continues to hone his entertainment skills to fit into this unique and contemporary presentation. Face it, everyone's looking for a fun and positive experience for their special occasion, as long as it's affordable, which this is.  Now you have the ability to pull it all together withYour PARTY Mix.

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If you are still needing a venue for your upcoming event, in Western Sussex County, near Laurel, Seaford, Delmar, or Bridgeville, we suggest you check:

Chick Berry Farms .....................................................  CLICK HERE.

If your event is planned in the Dover area, we strongly suggest contacting

Meyer's Point, just West of Dover, in Hartly, DE .......... CLICK HERE

Looking to be on the beach: 

Harrison's Harbor Watch, Ocean City, MD ................. CLICK HERE